Guitar Parts is what B. Hefner Company is all about. For almost 30 years we have been manufacturing the finest Fender Guitar Parts made to vintage spec bar none. We want to thank you our repeat and new customers by passing on some huge savings. Just Visit and experience what so many of our customers already have, the finest guitar parts available made right here in our California factory.

strat body, vintage strat

Notice the beautiful contours, made exactly to Leo's specifications. We match the contours exactly to 50's, 60's or 70's year models, the choice is yours.

Our guitar parts and Strat® Bodies are true to form, unlike our competitors our bodies are built right off of Original blueprints, every detail is meticulously matched. Don't settle for the imports or cheap imitations...

All of our bodies are built by hand, selecting by hand each piece of wood, and then weighed and moisture tested. You'll have a guitar that has the bite and pop that is inherent in the best vintage Strats®. Made in the USA in Southern California.


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